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Cape to cape track

Start/Finish shuttle

Walk by day - Hotel by Night

Walk by day - Hotel by Night

cape leeuwin lighthouse, cape to cape track, trail, walk, hike, hiking, hiker, margaret river

Just looking for a cape to cape trail pickup or dropoff to Cape Leeuwin or Cape Naturaliste. 

Let us know your hiking plans, and we can get you from hotel to your start location or pick you up at the end of journey on the track

Walk by day - Hotel by Night

Walk by day - Hotel by Night

Walk by day - Hotel by Night

Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse, Cape to Cape Track, Hiking , Margaret River, Trail, Walk, Redgate Beach

Happy to walk during daylight, but not keen to camp out, we can pick you up in the evening, take you to your hotel or caravan park to rejuvenate, then drop you back on trail to hike the next day

Cape to Cape Vehicle drop

Walk by day - Hotel by Night

Cape to Cape Vehicle drop

cape to cape track, road, track, hiking, hiker, car service, driver service, cape leeuwin,  walker

Leave your car along cape to cape trail Margaret River Region and we will drop you to hike back. 

Transportation - Pickups from Augusta, Dunsborough, Busselton, Yallingup, Hamelin Bay, Redgate Beach, Injidup, Prevelley, Ellensbrook Beach, Cape Leeuwin, Cape Naturaliste


Cape To Cape Trail

Kangaroo Facts

Kangaroos are herbivores and eat coarse grasses, leaves, ferns, moss and even insects

A baby Kangaroo or joey starts to leave the pouch by 6–8 months and generally quite independent by 12 months

Kangaroos can swim, although mainly to avoid predators, its pretty rare to see a Kangaroo swimming in the Wild! 

Kangaroos can survive without water for months as they get their hydration from their herbivore diet

Kangaroo are able to hop at speeds of up to 60kmh (40mph)

Kangaroos have been known to jump up to 3m (10ft) high

Cape To Cape Car Service

Let us know your Cape to Cape walk plans and let's see how we can assist

Margaret River Passenger Transport

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